Look At What Just Sur.face-d!

Calling all makeupnistas! 

Now is your time to shine with our latest product called sur.face® pro and it's all about creating a super modern workspace where you can download, mix and match your makeup.  This transparent flat area allows you to hold the palette in front of your skin for a perfect match when blending everything from foundations to concealers.  

Say goodbye to the back of your hand getting dirty from testing out colors and say hello to the perfect blended foundation.  The numbered wells are perfect for helping you remember what you've got where when it's a crazy busy day or prepping for a fun night out.  Plus you know you won't remember what you blended when you're in a hurry so just mark it down with a dry erase marker and you're all set!  And not only is the thumbhole perfect for, well, your thumb, it also doubles up as a place to keep your own beautyblender® locked in place, just sitting there waiting for you to use it.  When you're finished, just wipe it off using blendercleanser® or a makeup wipe.  Voila!

sur.face® pro is currently sold at retailers such as Sephora, Naimie's, Nigel , Frends, Dermstore, Birchbox, Beauty.com and Nordstrom - to name just a few...!

Once you get your hands on a sur.face® pro, post a pic and hashtag us (#SurfacePro) and you just might be the next makeupnista that we feature on instagram.  Check out the current sur.face® pro love we've been getting from makeup artists across the world!

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