beautyblender + Perfect Mother's Day Gift = b.b.f.

OMG, did you just realize that Mother's Day is coming up and you have no idea what to get Mom?  Have no fear, beautyblender is here!  Run to your nearest Sephora store (sold in the US & Canada) and grab our latest heart-shaped beauty called b.b.f. by beautyblender.  It's the cleverest idea ever and mom will love it! 

Here's the deal: this totally cute plastic heart case allows you to store your pink original blender inside between uses.  Mom can then "unlock" the heart and give the other half to, ahem...you!  See?  Everyone wins! 

So, go ahead, share your heart with mom and let her know how much you appreciate her! And stay tuned for some upcoming giveaways where giving away your "heart" never felt so good.

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