Mercedes-Benz NYFW 2014: Through Our BB Eyes

It was cold and snowy for MBNYFW 2014 but that didn't keep the fashionistas and beauty die-hards away which include our own beautyblender Brand Ambassador, Erica Dickerson.  We sat down with her to get the birds eye view of all the happenings that went on this year for Fashion Week.

She got the opportunity to capture all of her fashion moments on a brand new Leica C camera.  "The Leica C camera made capturing images for NYFW simple but most importantly the quality of the photos were amazing!"  Spotted at some of the best shows to artful dodging backstage, she divulges her tales of fashion week.  So, sit back, relax and ready on bb-nistas!

Yep, spotted with Maybelline!

Tell us about some of your favorite shows this season and why?
I definitely say that the Alice & Olivia by Stacey Bendet was my favorite show.  We entered this dimly lit, red hued room where a jazz band played and it was like on cue - champagne in our hands!  The theme was "Midsummer's Night Dream" and it took over two floors of the McKittrick Hotel.  The clothing was super stylish, wearable and the models really played up their characters as Snow White and Princesses as they posed for every picture.

Models posing at the Alice & Olivia by Stacey Bendet

And another Alice & Olivia by Stacey Bendet model

Maybe some people don't know but it's freaking hectic backstage before a show.  Can you tell us about what you saw behind-the-scenes?
All I can say is you just try to be respectful and keep out of each other's way backstage.  For example, the Trina Turk show was crazy chaotic.   And, you get to see the occasional celebrity or music artist pop up, like at the Rebecca Minkoff show, I saw E! Correspondent Alicia Quarles touching up her face with beautyblender and then interviewing Zosia Mamet (of the HBO Show, Girls).  Ummm, did I mention I had my pic taken with Carrie Underwood?  I also got a pic of the young Disney star Zendaya, who is super sweet and beautiful.

Trina Turk

E!'s Alicia Quarles with Zosia Mamet

Erica with Country Music Artist Carrie Underwood

It takes a lot to put together the look and feel of a show.  The key make-up artists for shows have a full plate.  Were you able to finagle your way in for a quick hello to any key artists for the shows?
Thankfully, yes!  I was able to chat with AJ Crimson who was the key for the Fashion Palette Runway show and Javier Romero who keyed CRES.E.DIM.  I even got a touch-up from Ryan B. Anthony at the Next Models Make Up Lounge.

Hanging backstage with AJ Crimson

Erica with Makeup Artist Ryan B. Anthony

What was the most memorable show for you?
I would say the Degen show because they took such a unique approach to presenting their line.  All of the models had glow-in-the-dark clothing on and the shoes were so cool - they had lights on their shoes! But the Alon Livne show came in at a close second as it was just beautiful.  It was inspired by the 1920's film, The Sheik.  Models were adorned with beautiful swarovski crystal headpieces and masks.  It was pretty magical. But, I really loved the Layana Aguilar show because beautyblender sponsored it and I got my red carpet shot.

All aglow at Degen

Alon Livne

Red carpet at the Layana Aguilar show 

We all have our own unique, personal style but I think Fashion Week always brings out a new level of inspiration.  What was your favorite candid fashion moment?
Ha, I would say I saw a tall man in a brightly colored tutu...on the train. I just had to take a pic.

Thanks so much again Leica for allowing us to partner with you and help capture some amazing moments this year at New York Fashion Week. Not only did you make it easy to cover backstage, but you are an excellent Valentine's gift, too!


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